Belmont Farms Distillery provide much needed hand sanitizer to re-start vital programs helping those in need

Innovative Virginia Small Business Consortium provides big boost re-starting vital Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia projects.Belmont Farms Distillery provide much needed hand sanitizer to re-start vital programs helping those in need

Alexandria, Virginia – Today Belmont Farms Distillery in Culpeper, Virginia, on behalf of the Virginia Hand Sanitizer Consortium, donated over 40 gallons of hand sanitizer to Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia. Belmont Farms is one of the premier distilleries in a cooperative and unified effort to produce and provide hand sanitizer to support the response to the current COVID-19 complex emergency. This supply of hand sanitizer will go to volunteers at Habitat NOVA’s new home builds, renovations, and to their ReStore locations, which are second hand retail stores that help support their mission of Affordable Homeownership in Northern Virginia.

Together with a number of other Virginia breweries, cider makers, distilleries wineries and other small businesses in Virginia and the United States Belmont Farms worked diligently with a Virginia Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Company, the Center for Applied Innovation, LLC and the non-profit Partners International Foundation’s Helping the Heroes project in rapidly establishing a consortium to help produce and distribute volume production of sanitizer. The consortium handles everything “from A-Z”, including, but not limited to supply chain issues leading to production bottlenecks to getting it in the hands of those that need the sanitizer most. The result will be seamless, centrally managed, and decentralized operations to meet hand sanitizer needs while helping put people in Virginia back to work and keep them working in these sectors.

One of the most important aspects of this project is that the hand sanitizer is 100% made in the USA with the majority of everything that goes into every bottle made in Virginia. This supports keeping American workers on the job.  Virginia bottle and box manufacturers as well as American bottle top, sanitizer ingredient, and label makers who came together to produce a true 100% “Made in America” hand sanitizer solution.

This helps these small companies stay in business and pay workers during not only the COVID-19 shutdown but far into the future as the group establishes a long-term place in the hand sanitizer marker as a reliable, highly capable and uninterrupted supplier.

The group also sets aside a portion of proceeds from sales to continue providing thousands of gallons of hand sanitizer by donation to first responders and others.

Kelly Renaud, with Habitat for Humanity of Northern Virginia says “Thanks to the hard work and generosity of Belmont Farms and the Center for Applied Innovation we are able to safely resume work towards our mission of affordable homeownership. We’ve taken on lots of extra precautions to combat the threat of COVID-19, including making sure we keep everyone and everything sanitized on our construction sites and in our ReStores. This supply of hand sanitizer allows us to continue building when without it we’d be unsure of how long we could sustain our new jobsite protocol.

Kelly continues, “We ask that you continue to support the efforts of the production of hand sanitizer by contributing to Virginia Hand Sanitizer and Helping the Heroes so that first responders, emergency services, and many other non-profits can continue to work safely.”

“We welcome Belmont Farms as a valued member of the consortium”, said Bob Morris the Center for Applied Innovation’ President. “Belmont Farms is invaluable to this initiative and it would not have been possible without their support and participation.”

Through the group’s web page local governments and private sector companies can purchase hand sanitizer to meet their needs and with the public can make tax deductible contributions to help them continue this work. The public can also show their support for Belmont Farms by following a link on the site to buy spirits by mail through the Belmont Farms website.

“We’ve been honored to participate in this effort to address the critical need for hand sanitizer created by the coronavirus/COVID19 pandemic.” Says Chuck Miller, Distiller and owner Belmont Farms Distillery. “It’s been incredible to see the community rally and come together in the Hand Sanitizer Consortium, and I believe it really reflects the fiber of America at our finest: we’re all in this together, and we’re all in. This consortium represents the commitment of our industries to our communities, our patrons, and our frontline public servants, and we’re all proud to participate.”

Those desiring to participate in and support the effort can find more information at:

“Many of these small distilleries are operating deep in the red due to COVID-19 restrictions,” says Morris. “They’re  donating the time and significant expense to produce and distribute this hand sanitizer is laudable and shows their commitment to the community. They all deserve whatever support we can provide them.”

The public can also donate by texting the keyword “Heroes2” to 71777 or contacting the group through the website: by selecting the donation option at the Helping the Heroes link.