Advocacy Alert: Missing Middle Study for Arlington County

You can make an impact on expanding housing options in Arlington County today!

Provide feedback and share your thoughts on Arlington’s Missing Middle Housing Study: Expanding Housing Choice – Phase Two, which examines the approach to providing more housing options for more people at more income levels and more stages of life to create more equitable housing options.

Please provide your feedback on the specifics of the draft Framework by May 27, 2022.

County staff is currently conducting outreach and seeking feedback on the Phase 2 Draft Framework, leading up to a County Board work session in July, where staff will summarize community feedback and present a refined policy framework. If directed by Board, the study will move into Phase 3, which is scheduled for the summer and fall of 2022. Phase 3 will include consideration of Zoning Ordinance amendments to enable more housing choice, other policy recommendations such as General Land Use Plan (GLUP) amendments, and recommendations for areas of future study.

Learn more about Missing Middle Housing Study in Arlington County and provide your feedback to support more equitable housing options at

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