Celebrating Women Build Month!

Build days for Women Build Month are on hold due to COVID-19, but that won’t let us stop celebrating Women History and Women Build Month!

Why Do We Celebrate Women Build? 

In our second year of celebrating Women Build Month, we set an ambitious goal to raise $50,000 to help fund our work of building homes for lower income families in Northern Virginia. Women Build, however, is more than just a fundraising campaign; these builds are meant to empower women and men alike, and help us maintain progress on our construction projects. Women Builds allow us to expand our stakeholder networks, while providing opportunities for our volunteers to enjoy a new and fulfilling experience, establish new connections, and gain new skills. 

In honor of Women History Month, here are some ways that awesome women are helping to provide strength, stability and shelter to families in our area:

Women Connect 

  • Our Board of Directors and Junior Board are composed of numerous women in high ranking positions at organizations that specialize in construction administration, construction materials, and affordable housing. Through the years, these partnerships have rapidly increased, and have been instrumental in helping us to grow our affiliate. 
  • The number of women in leadership roles is rising across all industries, and we want to help create more opportunities for these connections to happen! 

Women Give 

  • We currently have 12 Women Build teams which are all led by amazing women. These inspiring leaders are gathering their family and friends to help fundraise and build with us. Even with the delay in their builds, these groups are still fundraising. You can support their important work by donating here.

Women Build 

Women In Construction week is recognized across the nation March 1st -7th. Habitat NOVA, however, celebrates and engages women in construction all year long! 

  • Our construction team is wholly led by women. Romana Sanchez, Director of Construction, is a Virginia Registered Architect with over 25 years of experience in the field. Kelly Renaud, Assistant Director of Construction, is a Licensed Class A BLD General Contractor.
  • Our dedicated group of build-site crew leaders, known to us as “Sandlot,” is made up of 21% women. This is a drastic contrast to the national average, of which women in construction only reflect 1.5% of the workforce. Habitat NOVA takes pride in the diversity of our volunteers, and we are excited to be leading the way in this field, as we are far ahead of the national average — but we’re not done yet! We will continue to look for ways to keep celebrating and engaging women at our build sites, while striving to create an environment that is welcoming to all. 

Donations and build day sponsors are instrumental to keeping Habitat NOVA operating. We will be rescheduling dates lost to COVID-19, as we are fully committed to completing all of our scheduled projects. Unfortunately, the current public health crisis will have many impacts on our work in advancing affordable homeownership that will be hard to assess until the crisis has passed. Your valuable support is critical to our work.

Please consider donating today in honor of a powerful woman in your life!