Construction Update: December 2020

Over the last few months, significant progress has been made at our two Clayborne homes! Outside, the decks and porch railings are complete. Soon we’ll have final grading done and be able to begin what landscape we can before it gets too cold.

Inside each home we are painting, tiling in the bathrooms, and installing interior flooring.

Our cabinets in each kitchen will also be installed soon! Thanks to Suburban Kitchens and Grosvenor Americas for teaming up to donate kitchen cabinets in each home! We are excited to get these installed over the next few weeks. Make sure to check back in the next newsletter for photos of these beautiful cabinets! 

Looking forward to 2021, we have two exciting projects that we are in pre-development for. The first is our Groveton property where we will build 3 four bedroom homes in Alexandria. We are also working in collaboration with Fairfax Presbyterian Church to build 10 townhomes in the City of Fairfax. As these projects more along, we will be sharing more about them and how you can support our work by donating and volunteering!