COVID-19 & Habitat NOVA: our families need your help!

Over the past few weeks it seems like our world, just like yours, has turned upside down. Habitat NOVA has already been taking tremendous precautions to protect the safety of our families, staff, and volunteers by closing our ReStores and construction projects – two of our major revenue streams. It’s so challenging to see our sites closed down as we know the real impact this will have on families in our area.

Last week, Governor Ralph Northam issued the new Stay-At-Home Executive Order (#55) that is in effect until June 10. Due to the length of time of the Executive Order, and the financial severity of the situation, Habitat NOVA has made the very difficult decision to cease our operations temporarily. This is a painful setback for the families who need our help the most. 

One of these families is the Fayzulloyevs. They have already completed a majority of their sweat equity hours, and had looked forward to moving into their new home, currently under construction, this fall. Sadly, because of the drastic steps that are necessary to combat the COVID-19 crisis, their dream of homeownership will not be realized at that time.

None of us have ever lived through anything like this before, and none of us know what life will look like on the other side of this unprecedented public health crisis. Habitat NOVA is determined to continue our work, and emerge from this stronger than ever.

We are fully committed to helping the Fayzulloyevs, and other families like them, achieve the dream of home ownership here in Northern Virginia. Our families are ready, our staff is ready, and our volunteers are ready… BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP TO MAKE IT THROUGH THIS CRISIS! We know you are being asked to support many organizations right now, and that you are making hard choices. We’re asking you to think about the Fayzulloyevs, and so many other families, who simply want to be HOME. Working together, we can make the dream of affordable homeownership a reality in the post-COVID-19 world. 

Thank you for your continued support of our mission and families in Northern Virginia!

Jon Smoot, Executive Director