What to Expect at a Habitat NOVA Build Day

We want all of our volunteers to feel comfortable at a Habitat NOVA Build Day. Please read through our guide so you prepared to have a fun and great volunteer experience!

Once you have signed up in VolunteerHub, you’ll receive a confirmation email with all your Build Day details. Please be sure to read the information carefully before you arrive. In addition to safety requirements, it contains important details about the Build Day location and designated parking.

Planning for your Build Day

Please watch the safety video before you arrive. This information will help you feel more comfortable on the build site. Click here to watch the video.

Plan to arrive on time for your Build Day. We start every day off with a mandatory orientation and safety briefing. Even if you’ve been on site with us before, we ask all volunteers to attend this important briefing. Our number one priority is to make sure that you are safe on site!

Remember to read the dress code before your Build Day. Your outfit is an important part of being safe on the site. Ideal clothing for the day is a t-shirt or long sleeve shirt, pants, and boots or sneakers. As a reminder:

  • Do not wear open-toed shoes or shoes that do not cover your entire foot.
  • Do not wear shorts or tank tops on site as you can easily get injured if your arms or legs are exposed.
  • Wear clothing you can move in! You’ll be kneeling and bending, so you won’t want to wear anything too tight or too loose.

We provide water, safety and protective equipment, sunscreen/bug spray, and tools for your build. If you are participating in a Community Build Day, plan to bring your own lunch and snacks for the day.

As the day wraps up, please make sure to clean up your projects and equipment and then if anyone else needs help. A workday isn’t complete until we are completely cleaned up for the day.

Who Will You Meet on a Build Day?

In addition to working alongside our professional construction staff, you’ll enjoy spending time with many of our dynamic Sandlot construction team. The Sandlot is comprised of dedicated volunteers, Crew Leaders, and House Leaders who have been trained to lead corporate, faith and community volunteers.

Designated in the spirit of the neighborhood “sandlot“, where everyone pitches in, our Sandlot members provide a stable, continuous cadre of experienced construction leaders for Habitat NOVA building projects. The House Leader is the highest and most involved level of on-site leadership for volunteers. House Leaders are trained and held to high standards of accountability and reliability.


Need Help at a Build Day?

If you have needs or questions during your Build Day, don’t hesitate to ask our construction staff or Sandlot volunteers for assistance. They are proud to work alongside you and are your go-to resource for understanding the day’s construction tasks. And as some of our most valuable community advocates, our Sandlot volunteers always welcome the chance to share their passion for building with Habitat NOVA.

We look forward to seeing you on your volunteer Build Day and thank you for supporting Habitat NOVA!