Meet Joyce and Her Family

As a clinical technician with the INOVA Health System, Joyce works all day long to ensure the health and stability of patients trusted to her care. Her other full-time job is raising two active sons, Jude and Gilbert while struggling to maintain a safe and healthy home. For more than nine years, the family lived in a small, dilapidated two bedroom apartment with unhealthy environment issues including pockets of heavy mold due to a leak in the apartment above them.

For moms like Joyce, her children come first. She worried she would never be able to afford a home where her sons could thrive and live in security. Joyce is exceptionally proud of Jude and Gilbert’s resilience – both are honor students, active in sports, and play in the school band. But her greatest joy would be to provide her young teenage sons with a home where their health would not be jeopardy and to build roots in a community where the family could actively volunteer their time.

So when Joyce was selected as qualified Habitat NOVA homeowner, she knew this would be a transformational opportunity for everyone. Thanks to the generosity of our individual donors and corporate sponsors, we can provide Joyce with a 30-year Habitat mortgage with only 1% down.

In addition, Joyce and her family will help build their own home alongside teams of dedicated volunteers. We call this “sweat equity.” Joyce and both of her boys are already working on their volunteer hours together.

“Through volunteering, my sons learned new skills that will help them in the future. It also helps build their self-esteem.”

When asked how she envisions her family’s life-changing now that they are future Habitat NOVA homeowners, Joyce answered,

“We will be able to live in a much safer area with better schools for the boys. Instead of rent, I will be paying towards my own home, and we can plan on becoming part of the community and participating in the HOA.”

We are proud to give Joyce the hand-up she needs to continue building stability and independence for herself and her family. Happy Mother’s Day to all our Habitat NOVA moms! And many thanks to our generous donors supporting our mission to build strong and stable families and communities in Northern Virginia.