Solar Panel Installation at one of our Habitat homes

On August 19th, a team of volunteers joined nonprofit solar installer GRID Alternatives Mid Atlantic to install solar panels on another one of Habitat NOVA’s energy-efficient homes. The single family home in the Groveton Heights neighborhood of Fairfax County features 8 solar panels which will produce 2.16 KW of power. The power produced by these solar panels will reduce the amount of energy the homeowners will need to purchase from their utility, providing them with long-term savings. 

Lower-income households pay a disproportionate amount of their income to utility and energy bills as compared to other homeowners across the country, spending between 17 and 50 percent of their incomes on energy while other households average just four percent. The addition of solar panels on this home is not only good for the environment, it’s good for the family budget. Long-term affordability means the families can be successful homeowners for many years to come. 

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Together Habitat NOVA and GRID Alternatives are working together to ensure everyone, no matter their income, has access to the benefits of clean energy.