Bryant Rice

Bryant Rice is the Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer for Habitat NOVA. Bryant develops financial and business plans in support of the Habitat mission. He supervises the daily administration of the organization which includes staffing, benefits, and all internal processes. Bryant is also responsible for the Habitat ReStore retail operations. In this role, he directs sales plans, market strategy, and provides leadership to maintain growth and profitability. Likewise, he develops and manages retail expansion opportunities.

Bryant has over two decades of distinguished business management experience, sales and operations leadership, and organizational development qualifications. Prior to joining Habitat NOVA, Bryant served as a Group Director at Tiffany & Co. He is also the founder of Visuance, a consulting company specializing in helping small businesses and organizations improve efficiency, development, and employee engagement. Since first joining the team in 2015, Bryant has been aptly suited to design and execute improvements to cultural efficacy and organizational alignment at Habitat NOVA.

Bryant holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA).