Corporate Team Volunteer Days are an opportunity for employees to participate in one (1) Build Day or ReStore Volunteer Day

Build Day Opportunity
10 Employees
$4,000/weekday or $5,500/Saturday

ReStore Volunteer Day Opportunity
15 Employees
$5,000/weekday or $6,00/Saturday

20 Employees
$6,000/weekday or $7,500/Saturday

Recognition on Habitat NOVA’s social media channels
Invitation to home dedication ceremony with Habitat NOVA family
Included in our Annual Report

I’ve been asked why I think Habitat is such a popular opportunity with our employees. I really believe it is because everyone understands that an affordable home is foundational to a family’s success… I still drive by the house periodically and say, ‘I helped build that family’s home.’

-Brenda Suits, SVP Bank of America
Environment, Social and Government Group

For more sponsorship opportunities, or to book more than one build day, visit our Corporate Partnerships page.

For more information and to schedule your Corporate Team Volunteer Days, please contact:

Penny Bolden
Corporate Relations Manager
703.521.9890 x 103
[email protected]